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They are refusing to return my over payment in spite of my several tries.

Prabeen Panda | Oct 19, 2022
Dr Odhav was very good and took time answer my questions. However his support would never respond to my request to renew my prescriptions. They declined my automatic prescription refill without telling me. I then requested a refill through the patient portal, but no response. Over the span of 1 week, I called 4 times during office hours to request a refill. I would just get their voice mail. I left detailed voice mail each time, but they never called me back.

Anonymous | Sep 28, 2022
DO NOT go here!! The Dr. Is arrogant, rude, smartass!! He not only misdiagnosed me, but put me on meds that aren’t pregnancy safe!! He pretended to have my ultrasound results from the Katy branch, but In fact did not!! He pretended to know that I was talking about & then It wasn’t till I called back for a copy of the results did I find out that he didn’t have them at all!!

Averiel D. | Sep 22, 2022
it was okay.

jml | Sep 02, 2022
Doctor Barnard maintains the perfect blend of professionalism and friendliness. She effortlessly puts one at ease while providing expert consultation to patients. Probably the best personal care provider my family has ever had. Would highly recommend to anybody, especially families.

Wilcockl | Aug 09, 2022
Really good person and doctor. Is a professional complete

Efrain Argueta | Jul 14, 2022
The Dr is good but the billing dept has been sitting on my 650.00 refund for well over a month. I have called three times and they cant tell me when they will reimburse me for what they over charged me.

Brandon Escalante | Jun 30, 2022
Had an apt and was called/texted/emailed 3 times to confirm and to ensure that I would be there.  Showed up 10 min early.  Waiting room is packed.  I waited ONE HOUR and went to receptionist to advise.  Dr was clearly way overbooked.  Most receptionist were nice but could care less about the amount of time you have waited.  She said it will only be 5 more minutes.  I waited another 20 minutes and still was not called back.  I WAITED 1 HOUR AND 20 MINUTES total.  They said "sorry" and I walked out to find another dr.  This place is ridiculous - your time means nothing to them!  Sent them a note via their portal explaining the issue and allowing them a chance to correct their mistake.  No response after 3 weeks.  Poorest ran office in Houston area, office manager should be fired and they could care less.  Avoid like the plague unless you have nothing but time.....

Terry C. | Jun 15, 2022
I usually visit Dr. Mammen at a Katy location, however, I needed to see Dr. Mammen for surgery clearance before my surgery, and I went to this location, the office is very comfortable and clean, the front desk ladies were nice and caring, the Dr as always covered all my cardio needs. However, the medical assistant and the check out ladies were rude, they don’t have the minimum compassionate and care about the patients, that was what I have felt. Next time I will go to Katy location where the patient is treated with care.

Liliana Garcia | Jun 14, 2022
Dr Odhav took the time to explain everything to me. He was so very kind. I highly recommend Dr. Odhav

Becky Souza | Jun 10, 2022
Seems very qualified.

Bob White | Jun 07, 2022
Dr. Is fine, office is not run right

Anonymous | Apr 27, 2022
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