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COVID-19 Situation Update: 05/10/2021

Posted by Orville Caval at 05/10/2021 3:14 PM

Situation Update

Memorial Katy Cardiology Associates and our clinics continue to operate under normal operations.

MKC clinics are still here to meet your heart care needs during the pandemic. While some of our patient appointments are being performed virtually through Tele-Medicine or telephone, we are open for office visits, diagnostic imaging and other services necessary to manage your health.

Can I bring a family member or friend with me to my appointment?

To limit foot traffic in our clinics and protect the safety of our patients and staff, currently we are now allowing one person to accompany patients to appointments.

An Emergency is Still an Emergency – Even During the Pandemic

If you’re experiencing concerning symptoms that may require immediate medical attention, don’t let your worry about the coronavirus keep you from heading to the nearest emergency room right away. Even during the pandemic, you can get urgent health care safely at your local hospital.

What are we continuing to do to keep you safe?

  • MKC and all our clinics are requiring all patients and employees to wear a face covering (if you forget one, we can provide it to you).
  • Patient rooms and frequently-touched surfaces in common areas and employee work places are being cleaned and disinfected thoroughly.
  • Ensuring physical distancing as much as possible in our waiting areas.
  • Limiting visitation to our clinics.
Key COVID-19 Resources:
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