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All BlueCross BlueShield Plans are Back In Network

Posted by Neil Schmitz at 03/11/2022 5:47 PM

To: Our Current BlueCross BlueShield Patients

From: Memorial Katy Cardiology Associates

Date: March 11, 2022

RE: MHMD/Memorial Hermann and BCBSTX Contract Negotiations

In case you have not already learned from BlueCross BlueShield directly, or from the news, Memorial Hermann and BlueCross have reached an agreement and all plans are now back In Network

Thank you for your patience as we waited for a resolution to this challenging and frustrating process to be worked out by both parties. We are relieved it has been resolved so we can continue providing care to all our BlueCross BlueShield patients without insurance or financial concerns overcomplicating things!

Most of our patients received direct communication from us via the portal, and were able to ask questions online without waiting on hold during these past few stressful weeks. If you did NOT receive direct communication from us, it's because you don't currently have a patient portal account set up.

Especially during unexpected events like this when we have thousands of people to communicate with, it's impossible to handle contacting everyone via phone. Please be sure to sign up for a Patient Portal account as soon as possible at the link below so we can communicate efficiently and effectively with each of you:

Patient Portal Signup and Login Page (eclinicalweb.com) 

Thank you all for your patience and loyalty these past few weeks!

 M.K.C.A. Physicians

Neil Schmitz
Posted by Neil Schmitz


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