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BlueCross BlueShield Patient Update

Posted by Neil Schmitz at 02/22/2022 7:42 AM

To: Our Current BlueCross BlueShield Patients

From: Memorial Katy Cardiology Associates

Date: February 22, 2022

RE: MHMD/Memorial Hermann and BCBSTX Contract Negotiations

You have likely received communication from either Memorial Herman or BlueCross recently. We are very sorry that this is happening. Hopefully you know that this is completely out of our control.

Rest assured that VERY FEW of our patients are affected by these negotiations, in regard to your care at our practice. We believe that only 5% of our BlueCross patients will be affected when being cared for within our group. Even so, if you end up changing insurance providers in the next few months, we take nearly every insurance available so you can continue your care with us unaffected.

To show that we always try to put our patients first in all our decisions, we will continue seeing ALL BlueCross patients in our office without modification and without billing anyone differently, regardless of your coverage, for the foreseeable future. For the 95% of our patients unaffected, nothing will change so you can continue to see your cardiologist with no changes.

For the 5% of our patients affected, we will see you in the office for the same cost to you as before for as long as possible while we make adjustments to our contracts accordingly.

We plan to communicate to all of you directly via the portal or mail if your care will be affected by these contract changes or not, IF these issues are not resolved by the end of February. We’re committed to notifying you by the end of March if you are in the 95% of our patients unaffected, or the 5% affected, in regard to your care at our offices. If you have an appointment in March, don’t worry as we will see everyone as normal for the same cost to you.

While the portal is more efficient, if you prefer to call you can do so at 713-559-7896 or 713-559-7886 to reach the billing department.

Thank you for your patience as we remain committed to delivering the highest quality cardiology services to all our patients.


 M.K.C.A. Physicians

Neil Schmitz
Posted by Neil Schmitz


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